Enjoy High Energy Monday

Monday is the dreaded day of the week but you can change that!  Make it the great start of your week and keep a plan…a sort of ritual.


Ready for the Week!

It’s Sunday after 7pm and I am thinking about the new week ahead.  I am a mom, full time worker and an entrepreneur.  A few things set me up for a great week- Home- is the house clean and tidy? Any projects that weren’t completed over the weekend need to be rescheduled.   Kids- are…

Fresh Start Monday

News first! Real House Wife of New Jersey, horrible robbery experience! New Miss America- what she thinks about healthcare? Wonder Woman– Feminist or nah… Another blow for the Airlines, Icing on cakes are dangerous, at least Jetblue agrees!! Enough with all of that! Not sure where you get your news from, but I look everywhere from…