How to Love a Loyal Partner

“Practice makes perfect” as they say. Theoretically, in the world of dating, the positive aspect of ended relationships is a myriad of lessons. Therefore, the “practice” of relationships can help you become more “perfect” for that ONE. Likewise, you’ll learn how to love a loyal partner when one catches your heart… if you’re attentive. When…

To Love or To Leave

We've all been there… some more than others… difficult situations enter relationships and a choice has to be made: to love or to leave? I recently watched a video on a social media stream of a man exclaiming how certain he was that he was capable of "loving from afar" if the relationship was not…

Fashion Against Violence

Come out and support this community event to take a stand against violence and instead bring positivity and productive outlets to the community.

What makes me happy?

Being free makes me happy but by definition what is happiness. The word and expression made with the word mean so much to different people.