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Freebies for Father's Day – Entertainment & Food

Today there are hundreds of places offering deals and freebies to help you honor the man in your life for Father’s Day. We’ve highlighted 10 great deals to make it a little easier for you so you can spend less time planning and more time enjoying the day with Dad.

Courting: One-directional or Bi? For Men and Women

Courting is “Behavior designed to persuade someone to marry or develop a romantic relationship with one.” In an age of progressiveness, is courting still a “thing”? In traditional and non-traditional dating, does the “feminine” individual become automatically exempt from the responsibility to court? If not, is that individual expected to do so in the same…

10 Things He Does For Him & Why 

In this age of technology where everyone is within reach within a tap of a keyboard, we can express our every concern, care, or clinginess instantly – we can also get instantly bothered if there is no (instantaneous) reply. Often, that bothered feeling stems from the lack of consideration that someone just is enjoying their…

Understanding The Mold of A Man

Photo Credit A common saying is “people fear what they do not understand.” But in terms of relationships, people tend to either try to control or force change without first understanding. In order to connect with someone, you need to have an understanding of who they are, and more so what they’re made of. In…