7 Tips for Successful Starts

Starting a new job? Stepping out on your own? Finding your niche and excited about stretching your potential?! No matter the journey, we’ve got some tips to keep you on a winning streak! Here’s 7 tips for successful starts:

First of all – CONGRATULATIONS! 🎈🎊🎉🍾 Be proud, be excited, be courageous – and keep working hard! It takes A LOT to walk away from a job, to start a new venture, to turn a new page in your book… take a minute and admire how much courage it took to do so! That is no small feat! A lot of unknowns ahead but you’ve got this! Put in the work to get where you want to be! You’ve gotten this far, keep going!!

**plays Make Me Proud video mentally**

🎶 Sings “I’m so, I’m so, I’m so, I’m so, I’m so proud of you” 🎶

Second, realize that many people may see many things in you… and some may see more than even you do at the time, but only YOU control how much potential you actually reach!

The only person who can stop you from doing something or make you do anything is YOU.

Just by taking these first steps, you’ve prepared and you’ve succeeded. Now keep going. You control what your destiny looks like in many ways. Focus on your motivations and strengths and capitalize on them. Take risks, take advice and learn when not to.

You owe it to yourself to be your best!

Third, stay organized, focused, and accountable! Write down your objectives, have a plan and stick to it. Your steps & decisions affect your entire life – and livelihood. … and likely have second order affects upon those close to you (spouse, children, etc). It’s important that you stay focused and be prepared. Have a plan – and a contingency plan (depending on how much is at stake). See things through successfully.

Write down your ideas, keep a journal, jot down epiphanies. Keep note of your goals and your progress. Be accountable to yourself and achieve the milestones you set.

If you’ve got your outline to sought successes and you’re routinely checking yourself against the metrics you set, you’re less likely to go off course. In the event that you do get off track, you’re more likely to get back on – and faster – because you’re accountable and cognizant of the affects upon your goals.

Fourth, don’t get discouraged. Everyday won’t be perfect, you’ll make mistakes and you might even think “WTH am I doing?!” And want to run far far away…. but keep in mind… everything you want is on the opposite side of fear! If everything worth having or achieving was easy and fast… we’d all have it by now… challenges and struggles can build character and it makes you appreciate success that much more! Play the long game!

Fifth, never stop studying your craft! You can never stop learning, but you can always choose to ignore the lessons. Stay aware and engaged with the matters that affect your venture, your path, your goals, your growth. Be open to evolving in this journey – it’s good for you.

Spend your time wisely! Try downloading e-books, listening to audiobooks, going to seminars (try Eventbrite), finding enlightenment groups (on LinkedIn or Meetup), learning with a team, using Quora for inquisitive times , or just going to get an old fashion paperback, hardcopy book. Do research, fact-check, troubleshoot, and write down what you learn and apply.

Network – vertically and horizontally. You never know who you may cross paths with and what role that person may play in your journey, or you in theirs. Find what works for you.

Sixth, keep balance. Work, life, home balance is equally as important as the mental-physical-spiritual foundation they are built upon. Have healthy outlets, ensure the company you keep adds value to your state – either mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, or spiritually and you add value to theirs as well. Maintain healthy relationships, take time for yourself, rest, and take care of you.

Take note of your highs and learn how to responsibly deal with lows. Stress management is the key to balancing load v. recovery.

Seventh, enjoy the journey and work hard, but pace yourself. Only you can sense your limits, and even then you might surprise yourself…

Have fun and when you’re on the right path don’t EVER give up!

No further explanation necessary.


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