Poem: Mirror Mirror

Looking into the crowd, a fishbowl nearly, a glimpse back into the mirror,

mirror what do you see?

Humbled, human, aware, uncompromising of self. No ego, void pride, full of confidence. The blood that flows through your veins pumps powerfully.

Undefined by the physical, no assumptions allowed.

Cannot fully be valued if you don’t make them proud.

Do not presume to know the story if you haven’t read the book.
Of all that you built, is one brick all it took –

to tear down?

Fighter, champion, warrior, queen or king.

Build, break, build into one unbelievable human being.

Too great for reality, too rare to accept.

Earns and is to be earned,

but never kept.

If chivalry isn’t dead and ladies are not lost, you should find comfort amongst the coming frost.

Men are not to be found but are to seek,

women to be discovered as other than meek.

Qualities to be cherished, and those to be honored.

Those that are flailing should not even be bothered.

Mirror Mirror, what do you see?

Ask “Do I make the things, or do the things make me?”

Money comes and goes, appearance shines and fades.

How many character traits does it take to fill your page?

Personalities are evolved, love is grown, and trust is earned, given, lost, restored…

…and maybe sometimes burned.

Loyalty is embedded, dedication is birthed.

Which do you put first?

…Who birthed you?…

Mirror Mirror.

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