You Can Have (A little Bit of) it All

Perfection doesn’t exist… but a simultaneous smorgasbord of “better than great” is as close as many of us may come – and it’s ok to be ok with that. You can have (a little bit of) it all… until that becomes you make “it all” for you.

Perfect career, perfect location, perfect compensation, perfect benefits … does that exist?Peaceful atmosphere, plenty of appropriate compensation, surrounded by trusted advisors, positive peers, mentally stimulating, supportive, innovative, and productive persons. Everyone has their niche, their own lane, their own respected zone. Everyone working together – or independently – toward a collective success with the freedom and liberty to do so whether local or remote – as often as they please.

Perfect partner, perfect looks, perfect personality, perfect intimacy, perfect connection, perfect intellect, perfect mind-body-soul… do they exist?  Never an argument, never a fight, never a disagreement. Days full of excitement, inspiration, and making marks in eachothers lives. Evenings of laughter, passion, intimacy. Every interest shared, every feeling understood, every sentence finished by the other. A life of progression, love, respect, honor, and loyalty. Never a curt word, never a raised temper, never an inconsiderate notion or action. Always a joy. Never a tear. 

How about looking at the “better than great” people, places, and things around you and making “it all” for you. Its called being grateful and appreciating where you are in life, who you have in your life, what you’ve manage to hold onto, and become. Think of all the things you have to be grateful for, all the aspects to appreciate about your life. Forget about the fantasy – and make your reality your fantasy come true.

Long days at the office = Opportunities to sharpen a skill

Hardship = Preparation for Extraordinary Destiny

Hard Cry = Deep Cleanse

Silence = Time to Think

Consistency, Progression, & Commitment are key.

Check your Perception. If you control how you view what you see, you’ll better control how you feel, and what actions follow.



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