And You Know It

So claim it, deserve it, and preserve it. Wave goodbye to the nay-sayers, the negative energy, and the weight… welcome your blessings and your joy. You are worth so much more! When the fruits of your labor begin to grow, recognize and nurture it. If they’re stuck beneath the soil, breathe some life into it. Think positively and remember your worth. Remember your path & your present, and work toward your future.

Your value may be defined as what greatness you bring, while your worth may be defined as the reciprocated gain for your value. Intangible qualities, immeasurable gains. Be it a contribution or value within a friendship, a romantic relationship, a family bond, a professional setting, or amongst strangers – we all have a value and worth. Living your life to the utmost, includes enhancing that value as much as possible, and yielding what you’re worth – whether tangible or intangible.

When good friendships become great, celebrate it. When dim moments begin to shine, embrace it. When you feel a positive change, go with it. When you realize your worth, demand it. When you receive your worth, return it.

Give back.

Knowing your self-worth and recognizing your value give you an empowerment and clarity to better navigate through life.

  • Be confident
  • Invest positively into the people and environments around you
  • Set health boundaries
  • Realize and accept that if a relationship (personal or professional) doesn’t work out, it is because it wasn’t right – not necessarily because someone did something wrong.
  • Take the high-road in difficult situations
  • Maintain a calm amidst a storm
  • Lift others up

Way to end a Wednesday… High Note, High Spirits, High Stock.

Happy Hump Day

~Daily Dose~

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