Fools and Babies

My mother used to say “God protects fools and babies… good thing I’m still a baby” I used to laugh, but as I’ve grown I’ve begun to understand. Today’s daily dose: Fools and Babies.

Today is one of rebirth… and a reminder that for every door that closes, a window (or two) can open… it just may not be immediately.

We make decisions, put ourselves in situations and environments, choose paths, people, and positions that don’t always yield positive experiences. The protection is in having the intestinal fortitude to make a change. Shutting that door, opening that window for yourself… and leaping through it.

Actions as simple as changing eating habits, deciding to live a healthier lifestyle, surrounding yourself with more positive influences, or making a choice that improves your mental health… have the power to set you down an entirely different path and change your life forever.

A social circle shift, a career change, use of an untapped talent, or a shift in frame of mind might be what you need… go for it!

To those looking for that boost of courage – here you go…. now is your time to start changing your mindset…. plan your way into a better life. Be the baby, not the fool.

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