Blooming Wednesday

Rise and shine!!! Welcome to blooming Wednesday!

Someone once told me “you took your time and prepared … you came ready” when referring to the people, places, and things the universe was providing me access to…

I have recently felt that resonate and moreso felt the power of persevering and maintaining that readiness so that you’re ready for more, ready for better, ready for right.

For anyone who may be going through a rough patch, a challenge, setback or maybe just took one step off of their throne for a second… to our queens and kings… stay the course of doing better if you want better.

You are who you choose to be… choose to be the best version of you. Check all the boxes you can to put yourself in a position to receive the best, best opportunities, best surroundings, best influences, best circles, best future.

Be ready for the best fit for your best self. You can’t experience anything different if you’re not doing anything different.

Go forth and do greatER things! Align yourself with the outcomes, circles, and situations you desire. Focus, Do your part, and bloom.

The universe has a way of taking care of good people and sending people, places, and things your way to let you know “you’re on the right track”… similarly, has a way of moving obstacles or distractions so your life can bloom.

Be great and receive greatness when it comes your way.

~Daily Dose of D’s~

~Daily Dose of D’s~

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