The Train Has Left The Station

Ever look at someone and just shake your head in disappointment, knowing so much more could be in store but recognizing they are too far removed to achieve it? The train has left the station.

You ever envision someone else’s life so grand, so great but they just don’t see it the same? Complacency has set in and no vision is even in their thoughts? Or their so set in an unproductive, at risk lifestyle that anything else is unfathomable? It’s almost like they like being weighed down and held back from better.

Ever want something so good for someone so badly but just shake your head when they don’t want it for themselves?

Bite your tongue in half at their ideas of “life” and just want to shake some sense into them?

Yes, me too. Most times I get this experience when dealing with young teenagers… but every so often someone of a more familiar generation yields these same notions.

Lesson of the day: You can’t make them a better person, or make them turn their life around, no matter what you show them or try to enlighten them to. People will do it in their own time IF it’s in them to do it at all. Just move out the way and don’t get hit with that train when you see it has clearly left the station and is not traveling in the same direction as you.

You may not know it all and anything could happen but it’s natural to want to keep someone you care for from going down a path paved with highly probable difficulties, struggles, distractions or defeat. But, it’s their life, their choice, their way, their consequences.

Le sigh…

Old habits die hard and excuses are addictive. Plant the seed and walk away, let the world water it. Only person you can change is yourself.

~Daily Dose of D’s~

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