The Perfect Goodie Box To Brighten Their Day

Hello there! Good morning!

I was recently surprised with a goodie box, unmarked on my doorstep. To my shock, it was filled with all things me! Sent by a great friend who just wanted to make sure I had every reason to smile, it arrived without a note or announcement, but with care.

Sometimes flowers just aren’t enough or maybe you want to be a bit more creative, a bit less “serious”.

There are tons of subscription boxes you can order nowadays for a monthly box of your choice of themes.

You can order snack boxes, clothing boxes, boxes for pets, wellness boxes, and more.

Personally, I’ve had a hand in making boxes such as these for my friends and when in relationships, for my partner. Never a bad time to surprise him/her with something nice.

Here’s some great ideas on how to create the perfect box for someone dear to you and send them a smile by mail.

1. Write a list of the things they like

2. Get your thinking cap on and get creative

3. Stock up on dollar store items for presentation

4. Try Pinterest for ideas

Sample ideas: yes, I’ve done these myself

  • Grab a deck of cards and punch holes in then to make a book. Cover each with a small piece of paper and write one thing you appreciate about that person on each card.

  • Buy a $2 puzzle and spray paint it white (or a color of your choice), wait until it dries and use a permanent marker to write a sweet letter to them. Break it apart and rebox it, let them experience the anticipation of finding out the secret message after they’ve put the puzzle together.

  • Take a daily pill box, cut up 7 pieces of construction paper and fold accordion style. On each square of the fold write something special that happened to or with that person on any date that falls on that day of the week, place it in the respective weekday pill box slot.

  • Gift cards, greeting cards
  • Music (via preloaded iPod or thumb drive, cd or tape if you want to go Old school)
  • Frame some photos of you two, memorialize special times by framing event tickets or other memorabilia
  • Throw in trinkets or items that remind them of good times, pastimes or childhood (my box had fun dip and sour straws – childhood favorite)

Grab a box, stuff tissue paper around the choice of goodies and send it off to that friend or special someone.

Remember it’s the thought and level of effort that will mean the most. Atop of the fact that it’s an unexpected gesture, it’s sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Here’s a few subscription boxes you can enroll into:

StitchFix clothing subscription (starting at $20/Mo)

BirchBox makeup and men’s facial care ($10/Mo)


Love With Food snacks (starting at $8/Mo)


The Fantasy Box for couples



There a a ton of ways to show someone you’re thinking of them, you care, or simply to brighten their day. Choose one today 😍

❤️ Spread Love ❤️

~Daily Dose of D’s~

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