Curtains Close

It’s the last day of 2017… as the curtains close I’m having a day of refreshing. For some of us, tomorrow (and maybe today) is a day to revive or refresh ourselves from the dancing and celebrations beforehand. But today, I’m reviving my excitement about what’s to come and refreshing my faith in it.

I’ve taken our own advice through the year and today I’m refreshing my memory of the great posts we’ve made to enlighten and inspire our readers. Grateful for all the feedback we’ve received privately and publicly on our blog and looking forward to bringing more into the new year. We made 115 posts since we originated our blog in late 2017. Some of my favorites this year have been: (Click link to read)

Making Wise Decisions

Fitting A Square Peg In A Round Hole?

Confidence over Cockiness

The Mold of A Man

How to Network and Why

W.I.I.F.M (whi-phum)

How to Have A Staycation

Lobster Tales

When saying No is Saying Yes

Loving A Loyal Partner

I’m very happy with what we’ve created this year and I’m looking forward to what’s to come in 2018. We stepped out and put our thoughts, ideas, feelings, insight on public display. Not knowing if it would be well received, loved, hated, or just ignored … we were pleasantly surprised with the public’s reaction.

This year we have had over 4,000 readers, gained an Instagram and Facebook follower base, subscribed audience. To all, including the one reading this now, THANK YOU. We will continue to deliver in 2018!

Opportunities are everywhere we just have to embrace, and work for, them.

With friends and family I head into the new year blessed and hope to leave behind the things in 2017 that distract from that.

Following the advice of our recent post: 2017 trade-in’s for 2018 and ringing in the year with a positive outlook.

Never perfect, but always pushing toward permanent positivity.

Happy holidays and Happy New Year

May you enjoy great music, true friends, growing and healthy relationships, lasting joy, memorable experiences, elevation, prosperity, success, and overall peace and happiness beyond that found in 2017. Continue to create the life you’ve always wanted, to the best of your ability.

Dream Big & Create your legacy in 2018


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