Purge Alert 🚨

Purge Alert! 

Purge Alert! New You November! We are less than 60 days from the new year! Reflecting on 2017, what have you excelled in and what do you attribute that to? What growth have you had and with who’s help? Are there people, places, or things that have held you back or presented challenges otherwise avoidable this year? Time to highlight and hone in on the positive experiences and make more of them! Perpetuate the purest part of your life, surround yourself with successful mindsets and progressive environments. Purge the distractions, negative influences, discouraging thoughts and unhealthy habits. End your 2017 more healthy than it began, and start 2018 off even better!

No matter if we’re talking career, home-life, relationship status, friendships, sense of self or mindset….Happy and stable is the Goal

Start with small changes in how you handle challenging situations…grow from them and turn it into a lesson learned 10 Ways To Get To Your Happy Place (CLICK HERE)

Whether from work, home, relationships, or just adulting in life in general… find ways to effectively relax. Practice Methods To Cope With Stress (CLICK HERE)

  • Purge stresful distractions from your path and vision (only you (via your choices) and God control your destiny)

Thinking of reinventing yourself or just tapping into your talents in a different way? Changing career paths or just simply looking for a more rewarding role? Take steps toward improving your marketability, invest in yourself and revamp your career. We have some entrepreneurial ideas we have used and shared over the year. Tap into those talents and resources and build a better You! Career Ideas, Rebuild, Revive, Relish (CLICK HERE)

  • Recognize that your career is your responsibility to manage 
  • Realize that your talents are only as good as you sharpen them to be and only as visible as you make them
  • Respect that it is your audience's choice of whether to capitalize upon those talents, but it is ultimately your decision to permit it and to determine under what circumstance you will allow it 
  • Remember your value is gauged by the metrics YOU set forth, and your journey is a reflection of your decisions, circumstances, and choices.

Find silver linings in your PRESENT state and build upon it to create the future you want. There are ALWAYS things about your present situation that can be seen in a positive light! Life changes may = life challenges, but they also = life triumphs if you navigate properly.
For Singles (CLICK HERE)
For New Fathers (CLICK HERE)

  • In any sour situation, make lemonade
  • In any positive situation, shine and share

Find ways to make your home a haven. Home Is where the heart is… and also where there is peace of mind, solitude, comfort, solace. Whether you live alone, with roommates, or with family, your home is to be the one place you can feel at peace to collect your thoughts, be you, and be free from judgement, unrealistic demands or expectations, and safely surrounded by love and comfort that supports you becoming your best self!

Staycation Ideas (CLICK HERE)

Man Cave Idea (CLICK HERE)

  • Our homes should inspire us to go out into the world to do great things
  • Make your home your sanctuary 

Evaluate your engagements and purge those that take away from your future state. Everyone ain't your friend! Not everyone is out for your best interest, nor are you indispensable to everyone around you. Figure out your circles, what keeps them around you, what keeps you around them, and the longevity and value of your coexistence in each other's lives moving into the future. Some are meant for a reason, some a season, and some a lifetime.
Motivations in Friendship (CLICK HERE)
Value Added Relationships (CLICK HERE)

  • True friends inspire eachother
  • True friends encourage and support eachother
  • True friends build – independently and together

Happy reading! There’s much more in store!

……………………………………………………………..We wish you excellence!…………………………………………


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