Never too late to start your side hustle on EBay!

I donate items to goodwill all the time and every once and a while I go in the store to see what books I can find.  Sometimes I find old novels I could read a thousand times or I find some great self-help books.  I love collecting recipe books with great pictures, although it’s probably ironic that I don’t follow recipes in my cooking adventures.  I read the list of ingredients and the pictures give me an idea of what my dish should look like.

Back to the hustle!

In previous post, I told you about different side hustles I have done to make some extra cash.  I used to sell small things on eBay a long time ago, but I wasn’t really dedicated to making big sales.  It was just a way for me to get rid of something I didn’t need –things have changed.  I am always exploring different avenues to make money.  When I decide to take on a business idea, I factor in these points;

  • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Time
  • Love (Am I doing to enjoy this?)

These points help me determine how well I will do and if the business idea is worth pursuing.  When it comes to the return on investment, I like to work with a budget.  I believe its important with any business to draft a plan, even its just a raft draft of ideas and notes.  It’s helpful to have something on paper or on a digital format to help you reference back to, I love Evernote for this!   I decided to restart my selling on eBay. I struggled back and forth with the idea, my thoughts were; “there is so many people doing the same thing!”, “so much competition”, “can I really made money?”, “what sells well and where can I find these items.”

I was encouraged by a seller I found on Instagram.  She is recent college graduate and she started selling on eBay in January, it is now October and she has managed to pay off most of her student debt.  I looked at her store; she has all type of clothing items, from intimates to elegant gowns to Mickey Mouse sweaters.  I got some ideas of how she posted her items and made notes of what name brands seemed to be popular.  She had some sweaters with small stains and others with a hole or two but they still sold.  She explained that buyers are aware that they are buying used items and there may be flaws but it’s important to be honest and take tons of pictures to show them exactly what they are getting.

This is how I started; I looked at my closed and my draws and collected about 10 items.  I am woman who loves to shop but I love quality items at a great value.  I had some name brand clothing (Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Express, Lands end) that I hadn’t worn in a while and I also had a collection of beauty items.  I decided these would be the first items I list.  I took tons of pictures, I sent some to friends to see what they thought and with some feedback, I made some changes and finally posted the items.  In a few days, I sold a couple items and that’s what kept hooked.  Mind you, it may have been only $24 that I made with those couple of items but I just imagined the possibilities.  I kept reading blogs too from other re-sellers and one in particular shared the fact that out of 100 items you may list, you may only sell 40-60 so the idea is to list as many items as possible.

I’m a lazy eBay re-seller, I take tons of pictures, I list a few details of the item and that’s it.  At most, I spend about 5-8 minutes posting an item, from taking pictures to listing the item.  I keep a template and enter the information unique to item I am listing.  My goal is to reach my first $500 and once I do, I will go to the next level and set up an actual eBay store.  Its never to late to start and if you don’t have a lot of money to invest this may be the best side hustle for you.


I will continue with this post and update you as my business grows. Stay tuned!

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