Sweetest Saturday

As a newcomer to the Midwest, I’d never heard of such a thing as “Sweetest Day”… and on today, falls that Sweetest Saturday.

Walking into a store and seeing it flooded with remnants of Valentines Day memorabilia… flowers, cards, balloons, candy and teddy bears everywhere….

I am thoroughly confused ….

because ….

it’s October!

So, without delay I whip out my phone to find out what this celebration is all about…. because clearly I didn’t get the memo….

Apparently, what began as a day to show care to disadvantaged individuals including orphans, the elderly, and the less fortunate in 1922 by way of distributing thousands of boxes of candy, has evolved into a regional day to celebrate and show care toward male partners and friends. A day created by the confectioners association and a pinnacle for the candy industry to unite classes has evolved into what people have explained to me as the male’s Valentine’s Day.

Origin of Sweetest Day

So for those of you with a male significant other in your life, friend, lover, boyfriend, fiancée, husband… feel free to show him some love today. Personally, I think everyday is a day to celebrate those important to you, but here’s nothing wrong with putting a little extra umph in your efforts and making a day of it!
Here’s a few ideas to get the ball rolling… To The Man You Need To Appreciate (Gift Ideas)

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Hit your local Walgreens, Walmart, shopping mall and if nothing more, Pinterest that ish and get creative!

1) Create a romantic evening for two

2) Cook a meal with love and a Sweetest Day dessert Soup You Can’t Stop Eating! (recipe)

3) Send a card, letter, e-card, or musical message

4) Take him on a date

5) Show him that you care


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