Lobster Tales…

If you're anything like me, there's nothing as relaxing as a piping hot shower after a long, arduous, yet productive day. Steam clouding the bathroom, shower full of heat bouncing off the curtain as the fiery droplets beat against my skin and soothe my aches. The feeling of my body submerged in steaming hot water releases my muscle tension and even alleviates headaches. Some say I turn red as a lobster… but today was a lobster tale……

I exited the shower feeling relieved, clothed and relaxed I opened the bathroom door and exited, shooting straight for my bed and anxious to enjoy the apple pie a la mode I'd prepared just before my shower.

As I place one knee on the bed, smiling on the inside at this delicious dessert I think I'm about to enjoy, I hear the sirens alarming from the fire alarm! Startled, I race to the hall and quickly realize the steam from the shower has rushed into the hallway causing the alarm to sound. I'm fanning, and jumping, and fanning to bring cool air around the smoke detector and finally the sound stops – there. I hear the sound of the siren on the other floors of the house. Without hesitation I race to the floors and finally am successful in stopping the sound.

As I return to my bed, tired and full of anxiety from the recent scare, I look at my phone and realize I missed a call from the security company… they were calling to check if the alarm was false. I hurriedly return their call and in the wake of the incident can't remember by password to cancel the emergency dispatch… as luck would have it, I was allowed a waiver…God was on my side –

or so I thought…

I relax in my bed and take a spoonful of the now melted ice cream atop my lukewarm apple crisp a la mode and no sooner than I get the first taste I hear banging at my door and "POLICE!"…. I RUN downstairs to meet officers at my door to tell them there is no alarm, it was just the shower… they laugh…

Embarrassed, in sweats and a t-shirt I close the door and proceed to lock it… I get 4 steps up the stairs and I hear WOOHOOO – the sounds of fire trucks! I peep out of my window and there are 2 huge fire trucks blocking traffic RIGHT IN FRONT of my house, and at least 3
firemen walking to the door… smh …

I burst outside and yell – "There's NO Fire! False Alarm! It was just the shower!"…to make sure they could hear me over the sirens… they look up and laugh. One even looked me in my eyes, smirked and shook his head in amusement…

I'm so embarrassed.

Mortified by the situation, exhausted by the anxiety, and equally comforted by the emergency response time – at least I know if I did need help, dispatch would be right on time.

I climb back in my bed and salvage the remains of this now completed melted and room temperature dessert that has become a bowl of liquid mush… my head now hurts from the rush, and I'm trying to slow my heart rate… so much for a relaxing evening…

how about a do-over…

Lobster Tales…



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