Even At Our Worst We Wish The Best

We all experience pitfalls but there is an amazing feeling that arises when you witness people accomplishing their goals. It's one thing to have a dream but it takes effort, action, and sacrifice to turn that vision into reality.

Opportunities are everywhere but drive is not. You can't teach passion to someone who lacks it but you can give direction to those who have the drive.

We love to see people succeed and accomplish things they may never have thought possible. Reaching new heights in life gives a bigger purpose, greater self-assurance, and a healthy confidence in one's abilities.

Hope your day is full of achievements!

Nurture your strengths and soar!

~ Daily Dose ~


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~Shed Light, Speak Life, Spread Love~

~D'Lorah Denise~

One Comment Add yours

  1. Roy says:

    This is helpful to get through a day… I’m glad I’m apart of this… the more I read the more I grow…


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