Value When It's More Than A Vibe

When you come across a person you share an immediate connection with naturally, nuture it. There is nothing more fulfilling than a strong connection, natural chemistry and the positive energy that comes from the bond created. Value the experience when it’s more than a vibe.

It’s only natural for us to want to be social. We’re human, we thrive on human interaction. Conversations that stimulate our minds, experiences that bring laughter and joy, memorable moments of fun, the comfort of knowing you’re safe to be you, accepted for who you are and challenged to be better.

That’s what true friends do. They grow you, they love you, they correct you (especially when others won’t), they support you, they encourage you, and help you become a better version of you. True friends bring balance. 

Real friendships are:

  • Sitting 5′ away from one another in the same room, watching tv and texting eachother corny jokes
  • Genuine (even brutal) honesty 
  • Accepting of your quirky tendencies 
  • Sharing secrets and never having to say “don’t tell anyone”
  • Knowing you have a DD without either of you assigning yourself the title 
  • Feeling confident that they only want the best for you
  • Being able to speak volumes with no words, just a look
  • Knowing your safe with them – to share, talk, stress, scream, joke, laugh…. be.
  • Being there for eachother when it’s not convenient 
  • Unbreakable loyalty
  • Solid Accountability
  • Being able to make fun of eachother or fuss and immediately get back to the friendship 

A lot of us take for granted how critical our true friends are. Hours turn to days, which turn to weeks, months or even years since you’ve spoken to or seen them. A lot of us don’t take enough time to appreciate those who truly are friends and those who just claim to be.

Naturally we tend to gravitate toward those with like-minds and to those who strengthen us in times of need. When we come across those types of people we should value them and nurture the relationship from the beginning.

The highs created from that natural chemistry are intoxicating. The laughs and smiles shared, the personal moments, serious and silly times… all worth the risk of putting yourself out there and meeting new people. Life-long friendships can be created at anytime, just takes the right person, right chemistry and the investment of both people.

Many of us tend to forget how short life can be, and the value of great relationships – particularly friendships. Great relationships are fruit-bearing trees. The benefit they provide to our lives is immeasurable. Nurture them with honesty, fun, genuineness and watch them flourish. (If you’re fortunate enough a romantic relationship may evolve with a foundation of a great friendship)

Personally, I’m as much of a hopeless romantic as I am a forever friend. I believe in the possibility of love at first sight/sound, and I’ll leap if it’s a mutual commitment. At the same time, I can make friends easily and I’m an all-in type of friend. Loyal and honest (maybe to a fault) but genuine… and I wouldn’t change that for the world. It’s a huge strength and (from what I’ve been told) a rarity nowadays…

Great friendships are priceless. They can build roads with no end.  “Better together” right? Or as Fabolous said 

“I’m a movement by myself, But I’m a force when we’re together”. 
That’s how we should feel about our relationships.

We have family but great friendships provide support and encourages success.  

Keep people around you who add value and balance to your life… do the same for them.  Read: Befriend


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