Thursday Thrive

This morning I was greeted with the warmth of serenity. My Thursday thrive.

Waking up with the intro to Issac Hayes “Walk On By” … feeling empowered, feeling confident. Something about that initial guitar solo sends  loads of strong, positive vibes through my veins. 

Realizing how beneficial it is to maintain peace of mind and balance in your life, I decided to awaken to the Atlantic Ocean. 

My place of peace has always been around large bodies of water. Waves crashing and a beautiful sunset give me that inner smile every time.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day and we walk into this holiday weekend. Reminding you all to live fully and love openly. Surround yourself with people who add positivity and with privacy to gain clarity. Realize your power and your joys. Appreciate the blessings you’re given everyday, and create your happiness.

Find what energizes you and indulge in it. 

Live in your truth.

Embrace Your Confidence

Protect Your Peace and Revel in Your Joy

~Shed Light, Speak Life, Spread Love~


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