Expectations in a Relationship

  1. Do you enter a relationship with predetermined expectations?  If you do, do you question if they are fair.

Can your lover expect the same things from you? Wither its emotional support, financial support or anything else you may need.  I believe a healthy relationship is one that includes a good balance of assets between the both of you.

As a woman, culturally there is an expectation set that your man will take care of all your needs, but times have changed.  The women of today want to be appreciated and I coin that by specifying that I speak personally of course.  It is a wonderful thing to be able to depend on your man when times are hard, but there is also a great feeling to be felt when you can take care of things as well.

Emotional support comes naturally.  We need to communicate what we need from each other, rather then assume that our mood or body language is speaking to our partner. Some men just know how to get you out of funk and others need guidance.  Be patient with your partner and be clear about what you need from each other.  Keep in mind that men also have hormones and they need TLC when times are tough.  Depending on the guy you are dating, he may be the hard headed type that just mops around and keeps his feelings to himself, you could have the opposite as well.  Just be mindful that everything goes both ways and just as much attention as you need, remember to offer the same to your lover.

In a new relationship, take the time to get to know your partner.  I have been in situations where by the third date I am already aware of the burden that could be placed on me if I continue dating the person.  We have compassion and sometimes lust can even entice us to make bad decisions.  From experience I have learned that I am willing to give the best of me if I know that my lover is ready to do the same, otherwise I cut my ties quickly.


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