Event Planning 101- Baby Shower

Here is a quick guide to follow when hosting a Baby Shower.

Start your planning at least 3 months in advance
 Pick a date and Guest List
-Check in with friends and family members to see what the best date might be and with their help create a guest list.

Your Budget
-Determine if you are sharing the cost with others or if you are undertaking the event alone. If others want to contribute, it is a great idea to set a minimum dollar amount per person. People are more eager to help if they understand what how their money is being spent. They may choose to contribute by buying items you have on your list instead, give them options.

Event Location
-Depending on the amount of guest you have, you may choose to host at your home or find a location adequate for the size of your party. Some ideas are include a restaurant with a great private area for parties or you may even consider using sites like Homeaway or AirBnB.

About a month and half ahead of your date, do the following

Pick a Theme
-Use sites like Pinterest to get some great ideas. You do not have to spend a lot of money to put great party items together. This site is definitely my got to for party decorations. I created a board with tons of great ideas. Think of great games to play to keep the atmosphere fun and exciting.

Send out Invitations
-Use sites like Pinterest to get some great ideas. You do not have to spend a lot of money to put great party items together. This site is definitely my got to for party decorations. I created a board with tons of great ideas.

Shopping Time- Dry Goods
-Buy according to your guest list. Buying bulk items will save you money if you expect a big group. If you have, a smaller event consider Amazon for some great deals on disposal tableware.
OCCASIONS Full set – Wedding Disposable Plastic Plates, plastic silverware, silver rimmed tumblers
Plastic Plates Disposable-Silverware Combo | Elegant Gold Rimmed Dishes and Plastic Gold Cutlery Dinner Service | Service for 24 (129-piece Bulk Set) IVORY / GOLD
Check out the Dollar store for goody bag items. Here are some items I include in the goody bags for the guest.
Light Blue Wedding Supply Favor Bags (100 Pack) – Party Goodie Sacks, Scoop Candy Buffet Treats or Toys in Birthday or Baby Shower Loot Bags
Dress My Cupcake 24-Pack Party Favor Bags, Chevron, Bubblegum Pink

-Is this a brunch, lunch, dinner, potluck, finger food, dessert party, the list is endless. Whatever you choose, consider your theme as your menu should reflect it. If you’re having your event catered, call a few places to review the menus and also check on their time line for when the orders should be called in.

About a month ahead of your date, do the following

Check in with your Team
-Do you have friends and family helping you? Share your plans with them and let them know how they can help. It is helpful to keep a group list in your phone and share messages periodically.

Cake and Food Order
-Call the baker and put in your order. If you are having your event catered, call the caterer and place your order.

About ten days ahead of your date, do the following

Guest list Review
-Check on your list and make sure you do not need to follow up with anyone. Your RSVP list should be complete by this date.

Goodie Bags
-Put your goodie bags together, avoid procrastinating. This could be either fun or stressful, so I recommend doing it ahead of time and storing them for the party day.

Photographer Stand UP
-Pick someone to take pictures. Give them some ideas of pictures you want captured during the event to make sure the Mom to be has some great memories.

Entertainer Assigned
-Do you have a DJ to keep this party lively? On the other hand, is it a classy affair with soft music in the background? Also is this person in charge of games, make sure you coordinated what games to play and have all the items they need to put it together. Some fund game ideas, click here.

Clean Up Crew
-Put your team together, just as they helped you put the party together they need to be ready to clean up with you. If this event is held at commercial area then you are all set, but if not get some happy hands to help.

About two days ahead of your date, do the following

Grocery Shopping
-Complete your grocery shopping.

Food Orders
-If food you ordered, it is a good time to check in with the baker, the caterer or whoever else is bringing good.

Day before the Event, do the following

House Clean and Tidy
-Make sure your party space is nice and organize. Clean and dust where necessary. Put things away you do not want in view of your guest. Arrange the space to be inviting and comfortable for your guest.

Visit the Location
-Physically go the location where you are having the event if this is not in your home and make sure everything is ready for you. Check in with the staff and make sure they know when you are arriving.

Party DAY!!

-Pick up the food two hours before the event starts. If the food is being delivered, make sure you schedule enough time before the party to have the items arrive and arranged for your guest.

Are you Ready?
-Did you pick out your outfit? Do you have your team ready for the Mommy-to-Be’s arrival?

Open your Door and let’s Party!!!

Other Event Planners out there let me know if I missed something

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