10+ Ways To Get To Your Happy Place

Pick your poison.. or play it away!

The day can be stressful, people can be annoying, but you’ve got to keep your cool. Here’s some cool ways to relieve stress in irritating situations and get back to your happy place… either amongst the public, by yourself, or with others… creativity is key…

Let ‘er Rip!

  • Driving in the city can be a hassle. Parking – even worse. Don’t you hate it when someone takes up more space than they need? A few inches too far into the next spot? Too far into the street? Drop one of these in the windshield and walk away with a smile.  AAHS Engraving Novelty Business Cards (You Suck At Parking)


  • Next time, use these to relieve your stress.  Laser tag anyone?? Its not just for kids! Now you can strap your smartphone to this nifty gadget and blast away!

smartphone-laser-tagHEX3 AppTag Laser Blaster for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android Phones (Fits most Nerf Blasters)

1 for $30 Or two for $50

2-pack HEX3 AppTag Laser Blaster for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android Phones (Fits most Nerf Blasters)

PHEWM PHEWM (that’s my “silencer” sound)… shoot the stress away!

  • For that one person who just keeps riding your last nerve, drop one of these in their lap and see if it makes you feel better

zero-fucks-given-coins-300x250Get a 10-pack here:

ZFG Inc. Zero F’s Given Giftable Novelty Quarter Coins, Color Silver, The Middle Finger, 10-Pack or just buy one to test the waters 

ZFG Inc. Zero F’s Given Giftable Novelty Quarter Coin, Color Silver, The Middle Finger, 1-Coin

Simmer & Sloooowly Release

  • Calm the # Down And Color … this book is surprisingly effective haha! Imagine that!images (1)calm-the-fuck-down-coloring-book-300x250

Try it, you’ll see.  Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book

Wooh-saaaa… breathe in, breathe out

  • Re-center yourself in new skin…

Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation for Feet peel, lavender scented, 2.4 fl. oz. Let the stress leave you along with what you shed after smoothing out your skin with this deep exfoliation.

  • Turn your bottle into a single-serving when it’s been “one of those kinds of days”


Guzzle Buddy It Turns Your Bottle of Wine Into Your Wine Glass

  • Turn your tub into a jacuzzi with this gadget and soak

Conair Dual Jet Bath Spadual-jet-spa-300x250

  • Paper yourself to the fullest extent possible. Try these gold foil wraps for an at-home facial24k-gold-foil-sheet-masks-thai-300x250

GOLD Leaf 20 Sheets Edible 24k 999/1000 Gilding

If you’re not relaxed by now, invite some buddies over and proceed to the next steps…

Group Therapy

I’m just going to sit this here… and let you go to work… let that stress fly in the aircash-cannon-300x250

The Cash Cannon Money Gun – Red

  • Want to toss one back and have a laugh with some friends? Try this modified version of the popular wood game, drunken-tower-blocks-drinking-game-jenga-300x250

ICUP The Grab A Piece Drinking Game Drunken Tower, Wood

The Homestretch

  • For those physical ailments try this device to stretch your body out and relieve the tension that’s been building up. This contraption looks complicated but feels AMAAAAZZZINNNNGGG!!!!

Sit and Decompress – The Ultimate Back Stretcher / Lumbar Traction – Increase your disc space by 20% instantly while in use. (Large Harness Only)( Fits 42-47 inch chest )



Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow, Traditional Shape, Standard

  • And when you wake up, find new ways to channel your energy… 😉

man-up-book1-300x250 Man Up!: 367 Classic Skills for the Modern Guy

Stress can harm your health. However you deal, however you cope, do it responsibly.

All advice given with a grain of salt and a sense of humor.

We’re only playing…

unless you’re gonna do it 😉

~Shed Light~

D’Lorah Denise

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  1. Amanda says:

    I needed this today. I plan on getting those cards made up ASAP. Much better than kicking their tires and screaming at the air.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dlorahdenise says:

      We are glad you enjoyed the post Amanda! Be sure to favorite our page so you can come back for more Daily Doses and quick acces to the links within. Let us know how those cards work out for you 🙂


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