Yes to Brunch! 

I love to entertain! Hosting events from birthday parties to Sunday Brunches- gathering people together for a great time is a wonderful experience!
Having a great brunch starts with being a great host.  I’ll share a few thing to help you do the same.

  • Guest list and contacts
  • Set up a website(I use Wix to create a quick website and send the link as an invitation, after the event I can post pictures for everyone to share on the site)
  • Invitations(sent my email, text messages 2 weeks before the event, 1 the week of the event and another a quick reminder the night before)
  • Grocery list
  • Menu
  • RSVP review
  • Clean house
  • Set up the table
  • Designate seats for your guest(if you know your friends well, you will seat them accordingly to allow great socialization)
  • Be ready an hour before guest come
  • Quick tour of where we plan to socialize and eat
  • Make introductions(important that everyone knows everyone)

Depending on the group you have you may have everyone contribute to the meeting by having them bring a drink or food item, whatever they prefer.  My last brunch’s theme was bottomless mimmosas.  Guest brought either champagne or juice.  The event started at 11am and didn’t end until 4pm.          

A great brunch!!

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