Scorpion Bowl Homemade!

I can’t follow a recipe! But I can follow my taste buds and my version the Scorpion Bowl came pretty close to what we enjoy at our local Sushi Spot.  We love Ikko in Dover, NH- Review coming soon.
What you need- This makes a big bowl, I usually will bottle a portion of it and keep it in the fridge, more for later!
-4oz Cranberry juice
-4oz Apple juice
-8oz Pineapple juice
-2oz Triple Sec- Cointreau is my brand choice
-4oz Barcardi Superior White Rum
-Juice from one lemon
Looking at the measurements you might think this mix is strong, but keep in mind that you need space if melting ice.  I like to balance out my ingredients to makes sure I don’t loose the taste.  If the taste is too sweet, add some more lemon, too sour add more apple juice.

Be creative at home, I got this Bartender Set for the house-
Great quality and the measuring tools help, I am trying different recipes and creating my own recipes.


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