Why It’s Absolutely OK To Be Confident


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A spin on a common phrase…

“Behind every great [wo]man, is a great [wo]man” or visa versa.

Interchange the words and the point is … if there’s one, there’s two. Male or female, we all have unique attributes that empower us to lead others, influence positive change, carry out beneficial actions and be remarkable in our own right once we tap into our greatness. The refreshing thing about tapping into your greatness (and having the knowledge and/or experience to know what the heck you’re talking about or doing)  is that you inspire others to do the same… and hence more confident people are developed.

Here’s 10 reasons why you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable being confident:

1. Improved Health

Self esteem and mental health are affected by your level of confidence. Honestly speaking, those with a strong self-efficacy are less worried about things outside of their control, and experience less anxiety and insecurities as they purse endeavors. Those with confidence in their ability to achieve intended results are more determined, focused, and aware/meticulous of they steps they take to achieve the intended goal.

Worry gives way to physical and emotional ailments, unhealthy habits and thus a cycle of possibly self-destructive circumstances.

Exuding confidence leaves less room for such circumstances and behaviors.

2. Social Ease

All other factors being equal, a confident person will have an easier time engaging in social circles, exhibiting a positive attitude, and overall attracting and influencing the same energy in a social setting. You’ll attract more attention and platforms to demonstrate other aspects of your personality by speaking confidently in such environments.

3.  Promotes Growth

Without risk there is no reward. Those with a high level of confidence in their abilities are more prone to take risks, face and navigate through challenges, and therefore grow professionally and personally.  Insecurities in one’s ability to perform will likely deter such actions, and cause one to miss opportunities of challenge that would otherwise prove beneficial to their development.

4. Reduces Anxiety

Having confidence in your capabilities provides an increased comfort in challenging situations. Instead of stressing to yourself “how will I ever get this done??” you’ll say to yourself “OK, now let’s knock this out!” with a frame of mind that yields a CAN DO attitude. Less anxiety = less stress = more focus = higher productivity.

5. Empowers Others

A lack of self-confidence makes you vulnerable to negative situations, being undervalued or taken advantage of, or being defeated.  Trust me, someone is always watching. You influence people everyday, whether you know it or not… and in many cases, you’ll not realize just how impactful you are until you’ve been doing it for quite some time.   Why not be a model of strength, determination, self-awareness, self-efficacy? Why not empower others to do the same – lead by example.

6. Catalysts for Positive Change

The confidence (and other factors of your personality) that you display publicly, will leave an impression – good or bad. It is up to you to determine whether that impression is to the betterment or detriment of the environment you’re in. Every great leader and pioneer had a great confidence to become the legends they did. Granted, there is no change without discomfort, but overcoming that discomfort is one benefit of confidence.

7. Breeds Success & Resilience

Just because you’re confident, doesn’t mean you’ll always be successful (at least not by the definition intended). But it does mean you’ll have the capacity to be aware of any shortfalls, pick yourself up and try again applying lessons learned. It means you will not fear to a point that you quit, because you are focused more so on your ability to accomplish a mission than the factors against you in doing so. Besides, you’ll always be successful at obtaining the experience and building your resilience to challenge.

8. Promotes Productivity

The less distractions you focus on, the faster you achieve the goal. Confidence requires you trust yourself, and you be steadfast in going from A to Z. No room for detours on that road, stay focused.

9. Garners Respect

Again, you never know who’s watching. People respect resilience. People respect confidence, and people respect resultant success. If you are a manager, your ability to lead may heavily rely on the confidence your subordinates see in you. Colin Powell once presented a speech on leadership and emphasized the importance of focus and essentially trust – much of which is built on confidence.

10. Opens Doors of Opportunity

Curiosity prompts you to ask more questions, take extra steps, look further. Action upon those things with a target goal, requires confidence. People see in you what you allow them to. Good leaders are confident. Opportunity presents itself to you when you’ve positioned yourself to receive it. The confidence you have in your ability to excel will open more doors than the fear of exhibiting your full potential.

Many people are hesitant to discover and even moreso afraid to express their greatness.   Fear of being perceived as a “b!tch”, or as “cocky”, or as a “know-it-all”, but those connotations are not synonymous with being confident – they are more so resultant negativity from the insecurities of the person perceiving such.

Author, Martin Meadows notes some of the most important aspects of self-efficacy in his book “Confidence: How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Achieve Your Goals”. Find it on amazon via link below:


Specifically for our female readers, here’s a helpful resource to channel this attribute, and highlight the role confidence plays in the workplace.confidence code


~Shed Light, Speak Life~

~D’Lorah Denise~


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