Mind over Matter

Today, I’m on the bench… I’m sicker than I’ve felt all year. Some conjured mix of cold/flu and allergies… The only things that don’t hurt are my fingers lol. So, I figured I’d write.

the tea… Although my body feels defeated, my mind is strong and is still racing with ideas for the site, topics to post about, fun features to add… I’m also set on getting back to my gym routine. Shout out to Manissa @NissaFit for her inspirational 30-day challenges! Looking forward to my mini-transformation in June! Watch me morph @dlorahdenise

In all circumstances, the show must go on… thumbs get to work texting, emailing, and typing even if I’m laying in bed while I’m doing it! Calm music, hot baths, honey tea, and lots of blankets. A good book & a blog. A motivational text from @dhoudegbe and a nap.

While I sip on this tea, I’m enjoying these tunes:

Share your thoughts on how you overcome the setbacks when its woManDown!

Daily Dose of D’s

~D’Lorah Denise~

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