Purpose & Passion

Not another average blog…What started as a budding collegiate relationship, blossomed into a platform for friendship and philanthropy. In addition to our blog posts, check the “Dose of The Day” in the Menu Bar to get your daily dose delivered.

So, what’s this all about?

The Ladies of “Daily Dose of D’s” are two insightful individuals passionate about self-awareness, development, emotional, physical, and financial growth, and mental and spiritual health. Albeit, those of African-American women take precedence as personal experiences, those of any person in general are our priority. We aim to enlighten, encourage, and entertain our readers with a healthy balance of non-biased, relatable rhetoric, infused with knowledge and a sense of humor.

Our intent is to stimulate conversation, share our experiences, empower, inspire, and positively influence our audience in their personal and professional endeavors by stimulating thought and promoting healthy relationships and lifestyles. We love to encourage informed decision-making and see that prosper. We seek to use this platform to promote as much information sharing, epiphanies, and open discussion as a benefit to our audience and to ourselves – with light humor, class, and style. One blog at a time.

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