Never too late to start your side hustle on EBay!

I decided to restart my selling on eBay. I struggled back and forth with the idea, my thoughts were; “there is so many people doing the same thing!”, “so much competition”, “can I really made money?”, “what sells well and where can I find these items.”

Enjoy High Energy Monday

Monday is the dreaded day of the week but you can change that!  Make it the great start of your week and keep a plan…a sort of ritual.

June 2017 Conferences to Chat About

Gents…. (and ladies)…. looking for ways to better market yourself? Places to network and learn? Seeking opportunities to utilize your skills or foster new ones? Care to volunteer or simply stay in the know…. Here’s some opportunities for you at Choose Chicago you’ll find a list (like the excerpt below) of all the highlighted conferences… from research…

Starting a Business (Service Based)

What sort of service type business do you want to start?  A few tools can help guide you- Service Business Ideas Check out these 50 ideas- High ROI Other ideas for the parent at home, check these ideas out If you don’t know where to start, take a quiz to see what the best service…

Make an extra $500 a month

Need an extra $500 a month?  There are so many ways, I listed a few that I have done myself and others I plan on trying- Open an Etsy Store– homemade goods, are you crafty? I am! From African Style clothing and accessories to detox tea mixes, I have my hand in a few things…