About Us: 2 Spoonfuls of Sugar & Spice

About us… (o) 2017, this joint-venture was hosted by two kindred spirits full of life and positive energy.  Ladies with can-do attitudes! Living no nonsense lifestyles in a “Happy-tears” only zone!

Daisy                              .                   D’Lorah Denise

As of 2018, Daisy has moved on to other endeavors and D’Lorah Denise manages the content of the site.

Carrying on the positivity as a living legend, conqueror, world-traveler, & Jill of many trades…

…you name it, we’ve probably dabbled in it.

Humble, Confident, Professional, Humanitarian, Women of Excellence

Shedding Light on what matters, Speaking Life into people, Spreading Love in all we do.