Reflecting for 18

It is the time of year where people begin to contemplate “changing for the new year”. Me, I consider change part of everyday life. … growth, and sometimes setback, are all part of the journey. This time of year is when I normally start to revisit my “life-goals” and retrace my steps as to how…

Waking Up Motivated

Reflection is a powerful thing. Today I’m waking up motivated by the reflections I’ve had on my life in this year. The choices I’ve made, and the reasons behind them. The people around me, and the significance they hold. The environments I’ve allowed myself in, and what they presented. Just a reflection of how I…

Saturday Night Shine

Some of us are spending the night out on the town, others are spending time at home. Either way, there’s ways to enjoy this Saturday Night Shine! Social shining: If you’re out on the town (or virtually) mingling trying to make a connection with someone new, make a beeline between their interests and your intentions….

Finding The Right Fit

We all do it, everyday. Try to fit a square peg into a round hole. We make concessions and considerations, compromises and even contingency plans when we’re finding the right fit. But what about when finding the right fit goes wrong? When you take away all of the excuses, all that’s left is a decision….