10 Things To Top Off Thanksgiving

Everyday should be a day of thankfulness but Tis’ the season to formally celebrate with good food, good friends, family and festivities. If you’re like me, you want to spend it living well, loving deeply, and laughing hard with the wonderful company you’ll keep! So aside from the grandiose meal, here’s 10 things to top off your thanksgiving in those ways…

Living Well

1. Set a Mood

Never underestimate the power of ambiance! Enticing ones senses is the fastest way to induce a mood… burn candles, boil cinnamon sticks, clean and trim out the house with pleasantries. Grab a few acorns, some flowers, and lights and go to town!

Fill the air with sweet scents and set the table beautifully. Have enough wine and water to flow all night.

2. Tidy up and Create cozy corners at home to encourage more socializing (less tv, more talking)

3. Give Back

Volunteer at a local homeless shelter, food bank, spca/animal shelter – no matter the cause, just be a part of the solution.

Not sure where to go? Search https://www.volunteermatch.org

Feeling extraordinarily ambitious? Fill up paper and plastic bags with essentials and niceties and hand them out to the homeless around the city. (Socks, gloves, toiletries, spare change, gum, shampoo, snacks all available in bulk and at Walmart or your local Dollar Store)

The plastic bags will help keep the items protected and the paper bag will help you consolidate.

Loving Deeply

4. Send out thank you’s

Mail out some “Thank You” cards, drop some off, or create your own and send via email.

Upload your own photo and add text, or use a pre-formatted card template using the PicCollage App, or send a simple ecard via ecards.com

5. Start a Holiday Scrapbook!

There’s just something nostalgic about looking back at great memories captured in physical photos and memorabilia.

Collect old photos, ticket stubs, wristbands and other things to remind you and your friends and family about the great years you’ve had… and all the times you’re thankful for.

6. Cook with love 💕

Make at least one thing from scratch for everyone to enjoy… make it a tradition… a staple of the holiday!

Need ideas? Try our delicious Cheesecake recipe Click here!

Laughing Hard

7. Load up on comedy specials:

Try newcomer “KevOnStage” @kevonstage on Instagram. He is a comedic talent bringing a combination of relatable content, a slightly religious spin, and complete honesty to the realm of real life. Aside from his IG posts, you can bust a seam with his new comedy stand up available for $10. Download or stream at https://gumroad.com/l/akQvG

8. Comedy for a Younger Audience: For a slightly younger crowd peruse the IG posts of @dopeisland and @demetriusharmon who pair up to do hilarious parodies and random skits that are sure to have you laughing senselessly. (Try https://www.instagram.com/p/Bnhl0BEB7cW/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=jjkli52g09vp)

9. Catch a live show!

Search for shows using Eventbrite, GoldStar, or TicketMaster. Find shows in your local area.

Eventbrite (Click here)

GoldStar (Click here)

Chicago (Click for ticket purchase $15)

10. Let yourself live!

Lastly, but most importantly, let the stresses go (if only for a day), block out the noise and anything that’s ailing you and focus on all the positive in your life. From anything as often overlooked as the gift of sight, or grand as the gift of love, life, and health… for your career, for your children, for your family and friends, for your strength…. be thankful. And allow yourself to enjoy the holiday!

~Daily Dose~


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