A Moment to Cherish

Someone special once told me that we should move our lives in a manner where great days the “the norm” and bad days the anomaly. As if to say, we shouldn’t be surprised to say “wow, today was a good day”… rather surprised when it’s not. While I agree with that notion, I just acknowledge a special moment today, a moment to cherish that (amongst other things) turn a good day to a great one!

Today began wonderfully and has only gotten better as time has passed…

I woke up energized, ready to embrace the day!

I was productive, felt joyful, and prepared for what would come my way.

But I was pleasantly surprised by a ring of my phone…. a Videochat request from former colleagues, some friends and some former employees all gathered to just say Hi! And update me on their latest and greatest, and find out what I’ve been up to.

While brief, the call was meaningful. The first thing out of their mouths was “We Miss You!”

And notably, I miss them too.

A quick chat about life and careers, what’s changed and what’s still the same. A lot of laughs, smiles, waves, and a swift walk down memory lane before bidding farewell -or- “til the next time” and sending eachother on for the day. It was a nice mid-day surprise.

Moving on to other opportunities is always bittersweet, but you’ll always miss people you built relationships with…. and if you’re lucky, they’ll miss you too.

It’s sometimes hard to gauge just how much a person has impacted your life until they’re no longer within your reach. Seeing people day in, day out can cause one to underestimate the value they add. It may not be until one of you is gone that you each realize how much you’ve contributed to eachother – professionally or personally. And it’s a moment to cherish when you’re reminded through their words or actions. It’s nice to know (and to let others know) “you’re gone but not forgotten and you’re surely appreciated whether near or far for who you are

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~Daily Dose~


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