Waking Up Motivated

Reflection is a powerful thing. Today I’m waking up motivated by the reflections I’ve had on my life in this year. The choices I’ve made, and the reasons behind them. The people around me, and the significance they hold. The environments I’ve allowed myself in, and what they presented. Just a reflection of how I came to be where I am, who I am, with whom I am, and why I’ve spent my time with whom, doing what and where.

I woke up with a reminder to focus on the life I want to live, where I want to be, who I want to evolve into, what I want to accomplish and offer to this world, and how I choose to achieve it. I woke up with a reminder to focus on my goals, dreams, and DEDICATION and to let the noise fade away.

Family – I’ve spent a lot of time with family (and friends I consider to be family) this year. Either via phone or in person. And I can feel the growth of love. I’m motivated to continue to cultivate that between my close family and extend to those distant from me. Attracting what I put out into this world. That love grounds me and empowers me.

Self – I’ve learned from the bumps along the way to value more of my time, energy, and overall power to cultivate my own happiness. I’ve learned to follow my gut and to pay attention to people and environments that bring out negative feelings – humiliation, anger, fear, hesitation, stress, frustration, sadness, etc. I’ve learned to grow form every experience and regret nothing. I’ve learned to turn negatives into positives. That power strengthens me.

Environments – I’ve narrowed my circles considerably. I’ve dedicated focus in different directions than I would normally. I’ve broadened my horizon but not my community. I’m motivated to explore more opportunities in my community that grow and open our minds. Explore literature and commentary that broach things not-commonly discussed. Ignorance is not bliss, and knowledge or awareness at least provides a choice of whether to toe the line or change your way of thinking. Hearing and seeing may/may not equate to believing – no harm in being exposed and having a choice thereafter of whether to agree.
Polight, Uncanny Truth

I’m motivated to create environments for others to grow and learn. This blog was one example and I am motivated to continue it and other mechanisms to promote positive development. That energy refreshes me.

I’ve learned that the choices made today to engage with or surround yourself with certain people, places, or things can dim or brighten your light tomorrow. It can stain you or it can help you shine. It’s important to pay attention to the environment and what it offers and what the original motivations are for you to engage and for your involvement to be sought after. That thought process sharpens me.

My overall Lessons:

  • Value the path as highly as I regard the objective.
  • Not all love realistically, not all love kindly, not all love genuinely, and thus, not all love is worthy of me.
  • Protect my mind, my heart, my peace, and my soul. Protect my energy.
  • Promote ways in which I help illuminate the mind, heart, peace, and soul of others. Promote how I add to their energy.
  • Sometimes quiet is more powerful than any spoken word.
  • Avoid situations that make withdrawals from your life; have a “deposits only” mindset.
  • Invest your time where returns are yielded. Even intangible returns are more valuable than withdrawals.
  • Let no person or circumstance affect your focus.
  • Control your development
  • Learn, grow, and keep going

I’m waking up motivated to grow and continue to prioritize things in my life to become a better version of myself everyday. The opportunities to do so will continue to be presented.

Speak Life. Shed Light, Spread Love

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