Monday Slay

Get up, get out! Be your best today! Monday Slay is upon us!

You’ve been given another 24hours to take full advantage of your life! How you spend it, what you do with that time is YOUR CHOICE!

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Whether you had a great, a trying weekend, or a little bit of both… Whatever may have shaken you up, or any “after hours” excitement you enjoyed this weekend, time to put it all away and break out the 9-5 mindset… don’t fall off your square!

Trade in that plane ticket (to vacation) for a train ticket (to work). Vacate that space you’re allowing distractions to occupy rent-free in your mind, and replace it with lessons and information that helps you excel! Grow! Apply yourself and work that 🍑 off!

If you’re working from home, get a good workout in, have a hearty breakfast, and let the success begin… or should I say “continue”.

We work hard so we can play hard(er)!

Do the things today that others won’t so you can do the things tomorrow that others can’t!

Slap that smile ON your face, keep your energy high and remember you’re excellent… be as great as YOU CHOOSE to be!

Take time to make note of at least one thing you love about yourself and one thing you’ve enjoyed about your day…. you’d be surprised how humbling and grateful it will make you when you read that list at the end of the week, month, or year! Try doing it today and keep it up! On your next birthday break them out and remind yourself how amazing you are!

Pace yourself and do it all – at your own speed!

Read more, click here: Slay The Day!

~Daily Dose~

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