Healthy Epiphanies

Hit the gym yesterday and I can still feel the burn…. it hurts so good 🤣 I’m feeling motivated today and keep my body prep going… healthy epiphanies

Now for a hearty meal, healthy snacks, and a good run before work. Trying something new

Experimenting with different foods and proportions/supplements has been interesting lately, Let’s see how this turns out…

Been interested in the vegan cuisine for a while, may try that as well…

Stumbled across this interesting app… may add it to my collection…

Interested in other’s experiences with Red Mills products in comparison to others.

Also assessing my protein/carbs/fat proportions over the next 12 weeks (just a little bit beyond thanksgiving)

60/20/20 – good to kick start weight loss (first 4 weeks)

40/40/20 – good to change up the diet but keep progress (second 4 weeks)

20/40/20 – good for high energy (last 4 weeks)

Wonder who else has seen great results with that method…Motivated Monday, start now.

~Daily Dose~

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