Spruce Up That Mood Of Yours – Or Someone Elses

Got a case of the blues? Job, family, friends, love, adulting, kids, life, or something else got your mood a little “off”? Need to recenter yourself? Or simply want to channel your inner Nina Simone for the new season? (Sings “Feeling Good”) Here’s a few ways to spruce up that mood of yours – or someone else’s…

1. Change your scenery

Get out of the house, enjoy the fresh air. “all flowers need sunlight” as my mother used to say. Nature has a way of providing natural healing… you just need to be open to it.

2. Change your environment

Clean up, organize, purge. Go through those “hideaway drawers” or that “catchall closet” with all the stuff you never know where to put. Toss out items you no longer use.

Get rid of what reminds you of less than better times. Replace it with better things.

Get a new bedspread, rug, duvet cover, pillows, curtains…. anything that can revamp your home and bring a more revived feeling to your space.

Tip: focus on the rooms you spend the most time in – if it’s the bedroom focus on redoing your bed, if it’s the living room focus on your favorite chair/sofa, or do it all!

3. Entice those senses

Did you know that the same senses we are taught as children have the ability to change our moods almost instantaneously if we learn how to wield that power? Enticing your sight, smell, taste, touch/feel, and sound by stimulating those sensory cortices simultaneously can drastically improve your mood and help you get out of that funk and rid of the blues.

Not only are our associations a factor, but our deeper emotional connection based on memory plays a part as well. So with that said, break out the things that bring you positive memories, happier thoughts and/or create new ones!

Sight – after following recommendations 1 and 2, rejuvenate your look. Get cleaned up, get a haircut or a new style, put on a new (or nicely kept) outfit that makes you look and feel your best self. Your presence should match the energy of your space.

Smell – Don’t forget the cologne/perfume. That in itself can sometimes get those synapses firing in the right direction. Great Smelling Cologne Recommendations – click here

Also, try cooking a familiar or a new meal, something that makes the whole house smell delicious! Make yourself proud! (Try this: Chicken, Kale, Potato Soup YOU’LL EAT THE WHOLE POT!) Or, if you’re not a cook… fill up your space with a new scent, plenty of candles or wax melts for those afraid of fire 😊 or sensitive smoke alarms 🤫.

Taste – Have a great meal! Whether homemade or bought. Maybe a nice beverage to compliment 🍹 🍷 😉. Savor every bit and every drip. Enjoy. Don’t over do it. (Again, with the soup… you won’t be disappointed!)

… or try a Dessert – click here for recipe

Touch – While you’re looking your best, either wear fabrics that give you the feel you’re looking for, or add complimentary items to your home that feel amazing.

A soft, buttery leather chair, a smooth, silky blouse, a fuzzy blanket. All on your supple skin. Feel good to your own touch.

Feel – Emotionally, physically, mentally feel better. Burn sage, pray, meditate, think of all the people, places, things, and experiences you are grateful for.

Be thankful and fill up on those aspects of your life. Forget about the things you can’t control for a moment. Ignore the things you need to deal with tomorrow. And just for a moment, feel that positive energy that is surrounding you, that you manifest.

And finally, relax and rest. Take a long bath or shower… maybe shed a tear or two if you have to, whatever is ailing you, let it go for just a moment and choose to focus on your happiness in just being. In that moment, that is all you need and all that matters.

Cast your fears, worries, troubles aside to face them head on tomorrow with a clear mind. … and rest.

Sound – Remind Yourself In The Morning and everyday thereafter

When you awaken, in this “new” space, new environment, new surroundings, in an air filled with new scents and energy, remind yourself who you are and who/where you will be.

Push aside your ego, pride, attitude, and fears. If where you want to evolve to requires you to make changes in your life, face some demons, fight some fears, step out on faith, extract some people, bring some people back, trade in habits, etc. then do that – today. YOU Sir (or Ma’am) need to take responsibility, take charge, and take ownership of your happiness. You may be surprised with whom, what, and where you find yourselves in there.

Count your blessings and multiply them. Remind yourself that you were placed on this earth for a reason, a purpose. And fulfill it in all that is given to you – love, career, family, prosperity, life. Correct your steps and move forward, everyday is a day to be anew. You choose what that future looks like by how and what you do in your present.

“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me… and I’m feeling good” – Nina Simone

~Speak Life, Shed Light, Spread Love~

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