7 Summer Date Ideas for Busy Couples

Let’s face it, nowadays working couples barely have time to breathe. It can be trying and challenging to find ways to make time for that special someone. Here’s a few ways to keep the flame alive when you have a busy schedule.

  1. Day Party – Day parties are a great way to enjoy the summertime sunshine, socialize, hear good music, enjoy a few good drinks, tapas, and show your partner a good time, all while making it home before the sun goes down. Late enough for you to tend to your morning duties, early enough for you to get in bed at a reasonable hour, exciting enough to fill up a pleasant afternoon/mid-day. Checkout EVENTBRITE for local outings.embassy_row_hotel_rooftop
  2. Concert & Picnic Date – Find ways to combine cozy, home-cooking, quasi-camplife and soothing atmospheres by having a picnic at your local outdoor concert arena. Pack up the picnic basket with delicious treats, make some home-made punch, and try Amphitheaters and other outdoor concert halls to set a mood with your love.  d247cde0559c69d8f5e80f58deaa391d
  3. (Business) Road Trip – So what if your job includes travel, take your lover with you and make a road trip out of it. If you’re flying, take advantage of the skyclubs, pickup trinkets of the cities along the way, help each other make travel fun. If you’re driving play a few games on the way, take photos at landmarks as you pass by, use the time to tell stories, get acquainted, and get closer. When you get to your final destination, setup the hotel romantically and make an evening out of it if you can. young-couple-driving-convertible-at-sunset
  4. Couples Pampering – Spa dates never hurt a relationship. Setup a couples massage, pedicure, pampering day for you and your beau. Relax together. images-6
  5. Staycation – There’s lots of ways to have an eventful staycation. You can have a movie marathon in the house or in the backyard, cook a meal together, stock up on random wines and cheese and mix & match, get creative. Click HERE for more ideas. Staycation_02-copy
  6. Gym Dates – Sweat together. Who doesn’t want their partner (or themselves) healthy? Do a morning run, go to a park, or hit the gym with your love. Push them and let them push you.
    fitness-couple-workout-fit-man-woman-train-gym-men-women-expressing-love-support-63354976Source: Fit Couple
  7. Sightseeing – Get lost. in a good way Go wander around and discover new parts of your town or a whole new city. Find new gems, make memories. 430x310_grootbegijnhof

~Love Lines~

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