Sipping Suggestions – Summer

The art of the cocktail is a renewed interest … summer is amongst us and the rooftop parties, boat rides, and cookout will start flooding your calendar! Photo Credit

Here’s some tips on selecting the items to stock your cabinet to give you best range of quality beverages for you and your guests.

Vodka: Vodka can be distilled from just about anything… grains, vegetable, even fruits. No that does not count toward your veggies for the day 😉 What sets vodka apart from one another are the base ingredients used in the distillation and the water.

Want to stand out from the crowd, try Wyborowa (recipe link) – polish, mildly flavored.


Gin: Bet you didn’t know this, – High-end gins start off as vodka, then they are infused with a number of botanicals (mostly juniper berries, coriander, lemon, and grapefruit).

Classic Favorite – Bombay Sapphire


High-end Favorite – Hendricks


Bourbon: Unchartered territory? Don’t be afraid. Deluxe bourbons are meant to be drunk slowly.

For a mellow taste – try Woodford Reserve (American)


For a more powerful taste – try Booker’s


Rum: I don’t think I’ve ever met a drinker who didn’t like Rum.  Rum can vary greatly, depending on where it is produced and by method. Most use molasses as their base, but many use sugar cane juice instead – especially those made in French-speaking areas.

10-Cane Trinidad Light – rich sugar-cane favor, pure and smooth


Demerara El Dorado (Guyana) – banana and vanilla aroma, pure and subtle     (depending on age)


St. James Royal Amber (Martinique Island, France) – smooth, rich, floral lingering flavors

SAINT JAMES Royal AMbré 70cl (détouré) - new

Mount Gay Eclipse (Barbados) – vanilla and  butter aromas, pure and smooth


Tequila: Its only tequila if its made in Mexico, from the blue agave plant. “Silver” is bottled immediately after distillation.  “Reposado” is “rested” in wood for at least two months.  “Anejo” is aged in barrels for at least a year. “Gold” is unaged but treated with additives to give it an aged effect.

Try these for a spin on your tastebuds:

Chinaco Blanco – agave character


Hacienda del Cristero – smooth, pure, nutty, peppery and vanilla flavors


El Tesoro de Don Felipe Silver – intense, roasted, spicy flavor

El Tesoro Tequila Blanco Silver

Drink Responsibly.


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