Thrifty Things To Do This Memorial Day

Today is a day to honor and celebrate those armed service members who died in service. *moment of silence in their honor* Bringing comfort to those survived, and to bring people together, here are some thrifty things to do this Memorial Day:

1. Host a B-B-Q. See:Etiquette Laughs! Buy in bulk, invite a few friends and family. And BBQ On a Budget

2. Watch movies in the yard

Grab a few queen size sheets, use clothespins to anchor them to a gutter or a line, place rocks at the bottom to secure for wind, throw some pillows on the grass, string some decorative lights, load up the projector, and bring on the snacks

3. Host a garage sale (purge) or go Garage-sale/thrift-store-hopping (inherit).. good ol’ adult scavenger hunt

4. Go through old pictures and make scrapbooks or collages Wikihow

Bring back old memories, go back to those moments that made you smile, laugh, happy. Reminisce with friends and family. Spread love and good memories.

5. Get crafty Pinterest

6. Make a meal from scratch. Try your hand at a random recipe, you might surprise yourself!

7. Check out your local library and spend some time reading.

8. Go for a bike ride (city rentals)

9. Go to a park Click for Millennium Park Events

10. Grab ice cream and go for a stroll

Whatever you do, enjoy. Smile.

~Daily Dose of D’s~

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