Daily Dose of D’s Turns 1!

Celebration time! So proud of our progress, and we couldn’t have done it without YOU!

4,000 readers!

  • A healthy list of subscribers
  • Attentive IG follower base and Facebook audience
  • A wealth of POSITIVE topics

There is something for everyone @dailydoseofds

Some of my favorites this year have been: (Click link to read)

Making Wise Decisions

Fitting A Square Peg In A Round Hole?

Confidence over Cockiness

The Mold of A Man

How to Network and Why

W.I.I.F.M (whi-phum)

How to Have A Staycation

Lobster Tales

When saying No is Saying Yes

Loving A Loyal Partner

To all, including the one reading this now, THANK YOU. We will continue to deliver in the years to come!

Opportunities are everywhere we just have to embrace, and work for, them.

As we celebrate turning 1, we acknowledge our successes!

Never perfect, but always pushing toward permanent positivity.

May Daily Dose of D’s continue to provide recommendations on enhancing life through enjoying great music, true friends, growing and healthy relationships, lasting joy, memorable experiences, elevation, prosperity, success, and overall peace and happiness.

May Daily Dose of D’s help you to dream big, create your legacy, and life your best life!


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Thank you for helping us reach this milestone!


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