Alvin Ailey Dance (This Weekend) – Don’t Miss Out

In an age of rare true talent, one withstands the test of time. Those cultivated by pioneer Alvin Ailey continue. As a pioneer in the world of modern dance, his legacy lives on as the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Company, founded in 1958, remains as renowned as ever.

The art of ballet and various styles of dance captured by the 32-member Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Company are gracing the stages of the nation for the 60th year, and will perform in Chicago this week beginning Wednesday March 7 through Sunday March 11 at the Auditorium Theater of Roosevelt University. Get tickets here!

In 1958, Alvin Ailey launched his company with the goal of providing more opportunities to black talent, but he soon opened up the troupe to dancers of all racial backgrounds, continuing to promote diversity while casting based only on talent. Ailey was known to hire dancers with backgrounds in jazz, ballet, modern and, later, hip-hop.

Displaying talent in all styles of contemporary, classic and African-American cultural expressions for the 60th year, plan to be wowed by the display of skill and poise as the dancers incorporate modern dance into their performances.

AADTC will continue their tour with cities across the nation. Alternate tour dates and locations can be found at Https://

See more at Alvin Ailey YouTube


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