Courthouse Chronicles

Laugh for the day..

Walked into court recently and was shocked 😳

Here I am in a suit, nice cool colored button-up shirt, closed toe shoe, watch and purse. Well prepared, documents and research in hand, defense ready, courses of action outlined, alternatives planned out, calm and ready.

I walk into the courtroom and notice that everyone around me (with the exception of those in uniform) are dressed like they are going to a sports event or a nightclub, or like they just woke up.

Sweatpants and a wrinkled t-shirt, tight fitted jeans and a mid-drift top, leggings and a top that barely comes to the belly, baggy jeans (and the ones with the rips 🙄) with a hoodie, socks and slides, sneakers… the list goes on.

I sit back and I say to myself… hmm… so nobody thought the environment warranted a more appropriate choice of dress…interesting. Even the stenographer was amidst the crowd. I think – does no one consider first impressions anymore? Did no one think, if you’re going in front of a judge you need to look, do, show, demonstrate your best self – even for the moment? And besides that, in an age where certain images evoke a certain disposition before any crimes or accusations are rendered… what does it hurt to even try to dispel them through your presentation?

People don’t even have “Sunday shoes” anymore.. instead they wear “fresh j’s” 🙄… are we at a basketball game?? I just wanna shake them and say “who raised you”? And even still, what prevented you from seeking out better as an adult? And money is not an excuse – you can go to a local goodwill or Salvation Army and get a full suit, dress, or otherwise appropriate outfit for less than $10. I’ve done it personally, no shame in shining for less… I will put something expensive and nice with something flattering and cheap in a New York minute… it’s called balance. More on those tips in the fashion category of the blog…. …Back to the story… Sooo, enters the judge.

One by one the judge calls up the defendants, recites the monologue and decides upon the ruling. One person in particular was a minor, accompanied by their parent. The judge reads off laundry list of minor charges that make this kid sound like he was living grand theft auto. As the judge rolls through the list the crowd laughs in amusement – I’m sure we all shared the same sentiment. The parent requests a public defender, to which the judge becomes visibly bothered as the charges are so minor that although cumulative don’t warrant that type of defense. Once the judge gets irritated, it can be a done deal.😲

My exact thoughts – PLEASE do not let me me next! 😖😖😖

You DO NOT want to be the next case after someone irritates or upsets the judge. I’m not saying this one was enraged but just to err in the safe side – 😓Like anyone, once upset logic may not be as sound and you do NOT want to catch the brunt of that wrath. ☠️ It may take a few more cases until the judge comes down a few notches.

Fortunately for me, everything went well.

I’m not claiming it was just because of my presentation, or solely my preparation, or approach, but I’m will say it couldn’t have hurt.

~Daily Dose of D’s~

~Daily Dose of D’s~

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