Saturday Night Shine

Some of us are spending the night out on the town, others are spending time at home. Either way, there’s ways to enjoy this Saturday Night Shine!

Social shining:

If you’re out on the town (or virtually) mingling trying to make a connection with someone new, make a beeline between their interests and your intentions.

People care about themselves. If you want to make a connection with someone, find out what they love and talk about it. Take an interest and find ways to expand the conversation.

Look for things you can truly admire about them and compliment them. Strike conversation that peaks their interests and then just listen. People, in general, love to talk about themselves and even when they’re explaining a situation, ask probing questions – and be genuine – to build rapport. They’ll love the feeling of being heard by, entertained by, and connecting with you.

Smile (with your words) and let it beam on your face.

Positive attracts positive.

Go out and enjoy YOU! You are something to celebrate! Grab a few friends and make a night of great memories! 💥

In-Home highlights:

Good music, food and company have a way of making your night superb! High energy foods can help your mood, your vibe and thus your environment. Salmon, spinach and fruit have the tendency to boost energy! Other delicacies have positive effects on the human body, such as fresh seafood!

Yum! Once you’ve got your tapas of choice selected, invite over a few good friends/family, people who make you feel cared for, people you can laugh with, turn up some good music or an exciting movie and ENJOY the environment.

It happens to be a (Wo)man down weekend for me. Doctors Orders, so I’m taking my own advice on Staycation Ideas (Click Here). Just because I’m immobile doesn’t mean I’m moping. Nights like these can still be enjoyed by way of:

  • Netflix 🎥
  • Grubhub 🥘
  • OrderUp 🛒
  • AmazonPrime 🎁
  • Postmates 💼
  • Ebooks 📖
  • Vinyl music 🎶
  • Phone calls/video chat 📱
  • Mini-pampering session 💅🏾
  • Anything delivery 📦
  • Board/card/video games ♦️

Just because I’m down, don’t count me out! 🤗 (in between doses of Rx’s) I’m taking full advantage of technology, never letting the time go to waste. Spend Your Time Wisely (Click Here)

Whatever you choose to do tonight, make it positive and enjoy that Saturday Night Shine!

~Daily Dose of D’s~

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    1. dlorahdenise says:

      Thank you! We appreciate all the love and are glad to put our commentary people can enjoy!


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