Funny not Funny – If You didn't have so much to lose…

We all have those moments in life that make us think, “if I didn’t have so much to lose, I’d (say, do, etc)” when we encounter certain nerve-wrecking situations. Hopefully, we are all laughing them off and finding a silver lining… but for the humorous memories, let’s recap some of those Funny not funny – if you didn’t have so much to lose moments:

When you’ve been waiting for a parking space with your blinker on and someone cuts in front of you and steals the space.
You: (mood)

You: (reality)

——————————————————————————————When someone catches an attitude with you unnecessarily at work.

You: (inside voice)

(Actual response)
——————————————————————————————Him/Her: You need to exercise more!

You: First of all, I walk with God EVERYDAY!——————————————————————————————
——————————————————————————————When you put your food in a shared refrigerator and someone eats it

You: (mood)

You: (reality) “You do realize, that had MY name on it?!”



——————————————————————————————Him/Her: See! That’s what’s wrong with people nowadays, nobody wants to work through things!

You: Ummm, people work through natural disasters and accidents, not CONSCIOUS decisions someone else made to screw up!


When you’re in a meeting and someone presents your idea and takes credit for it… but then they can’t address the follow-up questions from the audience



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