Thirty Thoughts

When you’re in your teens you think about hanging out with your friends, driving and “when I grow up..” moments… Friday nights were for block parties, skating rinks, pool parties, sleepovers, and just plain fun…

When you’re in your twenties you’re waffling in your new found freedom … at every happening event, charity or community events, every call for cause, planning a future thinking you’ve got forever ahead of you…

Friday nights were for happy hours, get together, dates, and Friday afternoons were spent planning for all of the above. You needed no sleep, you ran off indefinite energy, and your body was unmatched by any caloric intake… Friday’s were only special in that 8hrs of your day were exclusively yours, but everyday rolled into the next with no more than a blink…

When you’re in your thirties you’re hustling 5-days straight… busting your butt to the weekly finish line…. boom-boom-boom .. Work-home-work-home… things are systemically managed…

…you’re thinking about chores, grocery lists, decorating your place and your 5:00 freedom on an average Friday afternoon. Thinking of the rest and recuperation you’ll grab a hold of in the next two days, maybe run a mile in the morning or lift a few weights.

It’s 2:00p and you find yourself searching your local department store online for curtains… pre-planning how you’ll strategize to “catch up on your sleep”, your errands, doctors appointments, massage and pampering appointments, all of your time this weekend to prepare for the next week…

By 7:00p you’re done with your duties (Work, gym, etc) you’re home or nearby with a glass of scotch, tea, homemade punch, or whatever your drink of choice, a cigar or other vice. A soothing shower to rinse the week off, a hot meal to warm your belly, and down you go in your favorite space in the house. That snug corner of the couch – the one with just a bit less fabric/cushion left on it, feet kicked up on the stool perfectly fit in your normal position. Or bundled up in a mountain of blankets in the bed. Shoes kicked off and all cares left at the door… it’s Friday. … say no more.




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