What makes me happy?

Being free makes me happy but by definition what is happiness? Some people find Happiness can by being selfish and having no consequences. Does that make you happy? I’m not sure but I know that sometimes being selfish is a necessity. You need to take care of yourself, your feelings, your heart and your mind. When you’re happy, not just content, you become a magnet and attract the same positive energy.  

Sometimes just as we women detox to rid our bodies of toxic waist, a detox plan can be applied to your daily life. Rid your life of people who need you more then you need them. I apply this ideology to people who tend to overwhelm you with their issues. They walk in a room and suck out the positive energy. Identify your friendemies and decide if their title warrants your friendship.

A partner does not have the responsibility to bring you to your happy place. They should be a positive factor that helps guide you or support you towards happiness. I wish there was a book that served as life’s instruction manual. Some people choose their bible or other religious works for guidance. Those books are not relatable for me. Instead I create my own rules to follow, “Love myself and others”. You need to be first.

When things are cloudy in your mind, the best way to clear the smoke–evaluate yourself!

Am I where I’m supposed to be?

Am I doing everything to the best of my abilities?

Am I happy?

If I am not happy, what do I need to do to live a happy life?

Why do I doubt myself?

What’s stopping me from being my best self?

Before identifying any outside factors that may be causing you stress, heartache, take a look in the mirror.

It’s easier to blame others for how you’re feeling, but take a deep breath and realize YOU only control your feelings and thoughts. Meditation and some time alone can allow you to self reflect.

Go over your checklist-

Mine is simple;

Yes, I deserve love

Yes, I deserve to be happy 

Yes, I do my best

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