Celebrate Your Independence

Independence Day, also referred to as the Fourth of July or July Fourth, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago on July 4, 1776. The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America, and were no longer part of the British Empire. The Congress actually voted to declare independence two days earlier, on July 2. Source

Being descendants of multiple ethnic groups, today’s independence was historically beneficial to at least one group of our ancestors.  As a result, we’re celebrating the nation’s independence back then, and that of our own today.

Never a bad time to purge and celebrate the loss of situations or things that may not bring out the best in you or just don’t fit in your development to the next level in your life. Find the silver lining in all of it.

Just as our nation gained the right to develop and progress economically, socially, and politically via the independence celebrated this holiday, we were provided freedoms upon which we should use for abundant growth. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Let’s discuss some of the things within our own control that can enhance our own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

  • Relationships

Today we’re taken charge to restore relationships once broken and to terminate those that lingered without purpose. Read: Dig Down to see highlights on mending relationships that matter. For those that cause you stress, Read: Refocus The Fret to help navigate to a healthy ending.

If you’re not sure whether the situation deserves fixing or letting go, Read: Befriend or Be-Foe to help assess. Not everyone and every situation is permanently for you, but that doesn’t mean something positive can’t come from it.

  • Finances

Celebrate your independence from worry, from stress, or from grief by changing situations for the better. Make an extra $500 using skills you’ve acquired and resources on hand. See link for more. Cultivate that desire to be an entrepreneur and Read: Start A Service Based Business to get you started. 
Try These tips to bring extra income into your home. Read: Useful Tips For Income Generation

  • Taxing Situations

Takes a break. Even if you can’t afford to take a vacation, you can Read: Vacation at Home and create your own oasis with these tips.

  • Unhealthy Lifestyle

You only get one of these things called – life. Read: Spend Your Time Wisely To learn some ways you can help improve your own quality of life.

Whatever you do, Create Your Recipe For Success and celebrate the independence you gain from shedding the woes of your current situation.  Remember Who Controls Your Destiny. And feel free to use the tools we provide to Get to Your Happy Place. <– Click for more.

So this weekend while you’re lighting fireworks, hosting or attending a cookout or otherwise celebrating the holiday, realize that our fallen soldiers died for our independence and find ways to not squander that gift.  Celebrate your independence today and everyday moving forward. Change things for the better, starting now. And always empower others to do the same.


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