Locked and Loaded – 10 tips to Maintain a Healthy Marriage 

No one owes you anything, nor you them. But in a long-term union, in order to make it work, you both have a responsibility to contribute to the love and healthiness of your relationship.

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To: Newlyweds – Starting the journey

You’re hitched! The world will now know you as Mr. & Mrs. How exciting! Now that you’re on this thrill ride, here’s a few ways to keep the euphoria going…

To: Midway Travelers – Halfway through forever

After so long things can become routine. Let’s not let that sully the spark that brought you together.

To: Lifetimers – The journey to forever

Revel in the light of luxury. Nowadays it is very rare to find couples who stand the test of time – let alone be part of one. A million reasons why some may think this is…. cultural changes, society, etc… no matter the reason, if you’re fortunate to overcome the challenges and make it to this milestone, there’s one word we suggest you consider: CONTRIBUTE

C.O.N.T.R.I.B.U.T.E 10 Letters, 10 tips
Communicate Don’t be afraid to speak you mind. Tell your partner how you feel and what makes you happy. Share you joys, your fears, your strengths, and your love for them. Receive your partner and their opinions, feelings, thoughts and expressions. Give them the opportunity to receive you.

Open your mind

Everyone shows and recognizes love differently. Open your mind to the ideas of your partner’s preference. What pleases them will ultimately please you. Be open minded to new ideas. As you both grow older your wants and needs may also evolve. Keep the pace by keeping things lively.  Happy partners make happy partners.


Just like flowers need sunlight and water – relationships need care and nurturing to blossom.  Any healthy relationship requires attention and investment. Concentrated efforts to nurture the emotional, physical, mental and psychological connection between you and your partner speak volumes. Pay attention to the signs of their actions and their words – or lack their of. If they’re pulling away maybe there’s a void needing to be filled. Get creative and DO something.


We all could learn a thing or two about loving someone the way they receive it. Teach your partner how to love you right, let them teach you the same. Everything isn’t for everybody and different things get different reactions out of different people.


In everything you do, respect yourself and respect your partner. Respect your relationship. Let no one come between your and your partner, let no one cause a divide. If ever a separation should happen, let it be based on your own volition not persuasion. At the same time, ensure your partner is doing the same.


Get creative with and for your lover. It’s all about the effort put forth to make a memorable moment. Be demonstrative and intentional in your expressions. No matter the budget, there are ways to get creative with your love. It doesn’t always need to be extravagant. Just be thoughtful and full of effort. Let them see it, feel it, know it – love. Evening Delight Idea


Temptation will always exist. …. resisting it should be easy when you’re in love. But, even if it’s not a walk in the park, think of why you’re with the one you’re with and all the great moments and attributes that made you love them to begin with… its not worth losing someone who loves you just the same.


The second step in effective communication is understanding…. the first is listening. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes every now and then, try to understand why/how they feel, act, need.


It’s a bridge to healthy love. Without trust, your love can’t grow. If you’ve got some proving to do to rebuild/restore some trust – humble yourself and do it. Pride is not more important than the person you love (who loves you back). Earn their trust, earn them, and secure their love.


Healthy relationships grow the people within it. Elevate your partner by adding value to their life. Allow them to do the same for you. Stimulate their mind, spirit, soul. Connect with them daily in ways that stimulate them in productive and useful ways.

Your lives should be better with eachother than without eachother.

C.o.n.t.r.i.b.u.t.e to your relationship and to the person’s life in which you want to remain. Make a concentrated effort to love them and care for them, let it be known without a shadow of a doubt how important they are to you and how much you cherish and appreciate them. They are special, and should feel that from you regularly. After all, you’re life partners right? Why spend your life with someone who doesn’t c.o.n.t.r.i.b.u.t.e to it?



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