Enjoy High Energy Monday


Monday is the dreaded day of the week but you can change that!  

Make it the great start of your week and keep a plan…a sort of ritual.

High Energy Monday

As an example try to follow this plan

  • Wake up early
  • If you cannot make it to the gym, no worries, do some cardio at home, or lift some weights, try to do at least a half hour worth
  • Shower and dressed
  • Next, something healthy of breakfast, fruit and oatmeal should give you energy

That is the first part of your day, now you are ready to get on the road

  • Podcast on- Chris Guillebeau from Side Hustle School educates me as drive and listen to his voice
  • At your desk, if you have not made your task list for the day, do it before you open emails?  You should have work section and a personal section
  • Next, it is emails first, prioritize the ones to answer.  Emails that may need more attention maybe highlighted with a flag.  Send a quick note to the sender confirming that you received their email and you will be replying soon- Good work etiquette
  • Keep your task list handy to cross off items as you get them done throughout the day

Sometimes you can feel glued to your desk, make it a habit to get up and move around every hour.  Stand up and stretch, get some good oxygen into those lungs!

  • After lunch your list should be looking pretty much completed, make sure to add new items for the next day
  • I use my afternoons to make follow up calls
  • If you have meetings planned, make sure you have your notes ready and be on time
    Weekly House Cleaning

    Your day should end on a good note knowing that you did your best and you worked against any procrastination or frustration.  Head home for a relaxing evening, maybe continue your personal items, side hustle ideas, meetup group updates, dinner….the list goes on.

    Happy Monday ALL