Tuesday's Dose


Monday gone, Tuesday almost done!

The week started on a good note.

I got a few goals accomplished.  A little procrastination held me back from accomplishing everything on my list on Monday but I got them done on Tuesday and made the best of things.

I like to prep meals on Sunday but I couldn’t get it together, so tonight its a cooking night. I love my pressure cooker, I toss in all the ingredients and depending on what I am cooking, its done in 15-20 minutes.    I have some chicken that I will be boiling to make chicken salad for sandwiches and finally I am steaming some broccoli and carrots.

Tonight, I am cooking, spaghetti sauce from scratch, pasta from the grocery store-not too proud about that but its all about time and convenience.
Friday night I plan on making some homemade pizza, maybe I’ll try a new recipe like Thai chicken pizza.





There’s a few things left on the list for tonight; a load of laundry, fill a bag of clothes and shoes for goodwill, work on a few drafts.  Hopefully fall asleep before midnight!

Life of a Mama!

Wednesday should a beautiful hot day!!

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